Director Consumer Experience & Digital Marketing, United States

July 2023 — Current

Building a US business from scratch, as a new market for Philip Morris

Key responsibilities

  • Building a differentiated, relevant & sustainable business model

  • Commercial capabilities & tech stack (from b2b, b2c) ensuring omni-channel orchestration, and headless commerce

  • Digital marketing & communication strategy

Head of smoke-free products (IQOS, VEEV, Lil, Hybrid) / Head of Consumer Experience

Dec 2020 — July 2023

Transforming PMU to a product company, being vertically integrated, with a differentiation strategy based on superior consumer experience and sustainability backed by the network effect leveraging user data.

Elevate a model with data supported by predictive models, delivered in real-time across the channels, with an LTV for each user. Managing the consumer model under SAF across programs, channels, brands and portfolios.


  • #1 brand power & equity in PMI

  • Continues IQOS contribution for half of the NOR and reaches a 15% SOM, with a 1.4mio user base and half of the net operation revenues coming from smoke-free products

  • delivering a 3 figure in operating income being negative in 2016

Awards: Effie Best of the Best Award 2022

Digital Director (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia & Moldova)

June 2019 — Dec 2020

Become part of the management team reporting to the Regional Managing Director to lead a digital transformation and serve as an internal digital hub for cluster markets (Moldova, Armenia & Georgia), continuing responsible for brand building and technological set-up for IQOS.

Key deliverables

  • Transform a company from FMCG to a data-driven, digital-first product company focused on the consumer experience & Equity

  • Develop and execute an integrated marketing strategy, overseeing organic and paid acquisition, product, and brand marketing.

  • Lead Go-To-Market activities by structuring promotion, pricing, and campaign activations

  • Drive digital marketing strategy with the end goal of increasing marketing KPIs (awareness, brand equity, new users, as well as engagement)

  • Lead technological transformation by developing low-code CRM and ERP


  • Accelerating the CJ six times

  • #1 brand power & equity in PMI

  • IQOS contributes half of the NOR above $200mio and reached a 12% SOM

  • Deploying a SAF for the whole commercial organization

Awards: Effie Silver Award, Effie Bronze Award

Head of Digital Marketing, E-commerce & CRM in IQOS

Mar 2017 — May 2019

After initial lunch and expansion, take over digital marketing, IT infrastructure and brand management streams.

Key deliverables

  • Develop agile, self-managed low-code digital ecosystem for RRP, namely one consumer views, CRM, ERP & bots' platform, all managed internally.

  • Run full-fletch digital marketing campaigns in paid, earned, and social, with an omnichannel content creation strategy behind.

  • Develop an eCRM set-up with an above 80% engagement rate backed by instant messaging (Viber), replacing traditional emails & sms.

  • Sustain above 30% share of e-commerce and IM channels, being a backbone for the direct-2-consumer model.

  • Managed to deliver x4 user growth in 2017-2018 and x2 in 2019.

  • Brand awareness reached 63% nationwide

  • Reducing cost per acquisition & retention by 20%

Awards: Effie Silver Award. Google named IQOS as a product of the year in 2017-2018

Head of RRP (IQOS)

Mar 2016 — Feb 2017

Join PMI to launch IQOS in Ukraine, one of the first test markets. Established a new category, awareness and initial user acquisition, focusing purely on quality and NPS.

Successfully deployed a new business model based on the CJ with an alternative route to market and developed a portfolio strategy supported by digital excellence.

Achievements: building a direct-2-consumer digital-first business model, with a 75% conversion rate and NPS above 60%, with a low-code infrastructure and data foundation.